Super Glass Breaker on App Store

Super Glass Breaker:- Thank you for your overwhelming response, Super Glass Breaker is now available on App Store.
Our game has attracted many game enthusiasts who have downloaded Super Glass Breaker for its non-stop action. It promises you of a great gameplay and the fun keeps coming on uninterrupted. The game is designed in a way that gives you maximum entertainment to kill boredom.
It is a perfect pass-time for your leisure moments and a game to be enjoyed with family and friends. It is inspired by brick breaker and bubble shooter games making it one of the most challenging and interesting games of all. Enjoy never-ending fun with the game of Super Glass Breaker and shatter all records. Play Super Glass Breaker a game that can be played offline without any need of Wi-Fi or internet.  
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Qurious Games - Super Glass Breaker

Super Glass Breaker–  The latest game offering from Qurious Design Qurious Design have launched their latest game ‘Super Glass Breaker’ with sleek and cool graphics. It is one of the most challenging and interesting games of all times.

This game is inspired and derived from brick breaker and bubble shooter.The real challenge is to score using logic and precision hits. Gamer  uses the balls as projectiles to shatter the glass bricks without crossing over the boundaryline (bottom floor).

The balls starting from single digit to numerous other are the main arsenal. There other features like vertical and horizontal laser beams which when activated eliminate balls in the specific column and row respectively. Glass Breaker also offers reward points one for upgrading to balls with unique powers.

Shatter and smash the glass bricks with a series of projectile balls. Use your logic and that perfect angle to cause maximum, damage or demolition. Moreover, enjoy the glass bricks getting shattere…

Qurious Design - Super Cricket 2 Lakh Downloads

Qurious Design celebrates 2 lakh downloads of Super Cricket.Qurious Design Pvt. Ltd. is proud to announce that the gamers and enthusiasts of Super Cricket have given us a reason to rejoice. The game of Super Cricket has attained 2 lakh downloads and it calls for celebration. We take this opportunity to thanks all our users and game lovers who have made this possible. It is your support and love that inspires us to keep up the good work.  Our team promises to entertain you all with many such entertaining games in the near future. A Big Thank You for All!

Qurious Games - Super Ludo 1 Lakh Downloads

Thank You Users for 1 Lakh Downloads of Super Ludo!
At Qurious Design Pvt. Ltd. we are absolutely elated to announce that our game of Super Ludo has achieved 1 lakh downloads. Thanks to gamers and enthusiasts of Super Ludo who have made our game so popular. It is indeed a moment of pride for our entire team. We take this opportunity to thank all our users and game lovers who have made this possible. It is your support and love that inspires us to keep up the good work.  Our team promises to entertain you all with many such entertaining games in the near future. Thank You Everyone!

Qurious Games - Super Ludo

Super Ludo – the new-age board game from Qurious Design Pvt. Ltd. has sleek graphics, interactive game sounds is now available on Android Store.

Super Ludo, derived from an ancient Indian board game is devised in the most modern avatar. The game offers unlimited excitement with stunning colours, high end graphics and innovative features. Users will be thrilled with easy-to-use menus, multi-player option and colour compatible board. Super Ludo is multi-platform compatible game which can be played on Desktop, Android and iOS platform at the same time in online multiplayer mode.
Furthermore, Super Ludo is playable offline and provides wholesome, non-stop action for family, friends and people of all ages. In summer season where one is restricted to indoors, a game of Super Ludo is a good idea to make summer more exciting.

The game is sure to invoke the magic of ancient India and become popular on the dint of being unique thereby making users hooked on to it.

•    High-end graphics with stunni…

Qurious Games - Super Cricket

Super Cricket

Cricket is one of the most exciting games played among selected nations in the world. However, cricket is almost a religion in Asia wherein people are very emotional about the game.

Cricket is played in different formats like Tests which are played for 5 days, ODIs (One Day International) and 20/20 Cricket which are merely a 20-over match with both sides playing 20 overs each.
Qurios Design has endeavoured to present Super Cricket your reliable source for all the Cricketing action on your Android device. The essence of this great game is spiced up with classy graphics, easy-of-use and sophistication. Engaging menus, interesting formats and perceptive programming makes this game all the more thrilling with ease of controls like, just tap the screen at the perfect time to bat and score maximum runs.

Cricket fever for all the series is gripping the cricket lovers. And this game will allow you to fulfill all of your cricketing madness into an action-packed game. Enjoy hours of n…